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Phil Parsonage

Sergii is brilliant. He listens to his clients, and applies appropriate pressure during the massage. He is friendly and very polite, and the Light Centre is an excellent venue. Would certainly recommend.

Lena Golovanova

I am a regular for over a year now and have seen many benefits from the very first session and throughout a year. Sergei has a great understanding of the issues and how best to address them, and as a result I always feel a lot better after massage. Sergei is highly skilled and knowledgeable, a true professional whom you can trust. He creates a pleasant and relaxing environment, paying attention to the details, such as high quality massage oils. I have referred my family to Sergei and highly recommend Sergei to everyone


One of the best massages I've had in London. My back, neck and shoulders get tense and painful quite often due to work and stress, but Sergii always manages to fix it. I feel so so much better after each appointment! Highly recommend

Adriana Nemirovsky

Sergii is an excellent therapist. He listened and solved the problem points right away. My neck and back felt so much better after one treatment.


I’ve been to see Sergii twice now and this time it was therapy for the back, neck and shoulders which left me feeling super relaxed and super zen. I had pain in my left shoulder blade which has completely gone all thanks Sergii. Sergii is highly trained and a qualified professional who knows exactly what he’s doing and he is someone who listens to your body and offers bespoke advice for the long term.
The location is in a lovely yoga centre off Monument/Bank, the room itself is clean, therapeutic vibe and no background noise - just perfect! Overall, highly recommend!


Sergii is by far the best therapist I've ever met. His approach is versatile, thorough and tailor made to my needs. I suffer from chronic lower back pain. After each session with Sergii I felt immediate improvement. Frequently I need more then one session however that's the nature of my pain.
One of the things Sergii does that makes him better than other therapists I've seen is that with his touch plus expertise and maybe intuition he knows exactly where the tension is and how to work on it. Moreover I feel the effect of his massage long after a session. It's also very impressive how well he understands and knows how to work with pain and tension in muscles. Sergii is the best massage therapist I've ever had.

Mike Sullivan

I've been using Sergii for sports massage for a few months now. Really helps with my recovery and staying injury free. Would highly recommend his services!


Sergii’s treatments are amazing. When I get home I sleep like a baby. All my aches and pain disappear. Definitely recommend Sergii if you have an injury or just want a maintenance treatment. Went to Sergii because I had lower back pain and shoulder pain. He fixed them.
He is always polite and gentle.
Thanks Sergii for fixing my back and shoulder.


Had some trapped nerves on my upper back and after two months of osteopathy sessions, I decided to try a massage therapist. It was amazing and super relaxing. Sergii is welcoming and very patient. He released so much stress and tensions. I am now back to a weekly soft work out + swimming. Very complementary: I highly recommended him to my colleagues and boss. Will book again very soon. Merci beaucoup.


Extremely knowledgeable and worked on the areas that needed attention. I felt amazing and so relaxed after and Sergii was brilliant in recommending stretches and after care.


Sergii is a really good professional and every time I have visited him, he has done a really good job. He is the only person I have found in London that does such a good job.


I was quite impressed with Sergii and the overall service he gave me. As a women it can sometimes be a bit intimidating going to see a male massage therapist for the first time however sergii made me feel comfortable. He shared his wealth of knowledge with me and helped me to understand what I need to do to see improvements with my pain. The massage it's self was impactful without being very painful. I would definitely go to sergii again to see continued results.


I had very through deep tissue massage with Sergii. He explained the process and I felt the benefit of my shoulders and back in reliving any tightness or tension afterwards. Highly recommend !


After a somewhat hectic and stressful week a massage was just the thing I needed to relieve the tension in my neck and shoulders that had built up. Felt very relaxed and supple afterwards. Thanks Sergii.

What I treat

Neck and upper back pain and stiffness

 Shoulder pain and stiffness

Lower back pain
Postural disorders
Knee pain and stiffness
Leg pain and stiffness (ITB syndrome, hamstring pain)
Stress or tiredness
Awards & Recognition

Treatwell. Top Rated Venue 2019

Treatwell. Top Rated Venue 2018

Treatwell. Top Rated Venue 2017

Bidvine. Best of 2016

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massage experience
Over 13 years of experience
Awards winning venue in London
individual approach
Individual approach to each client
discount massage
Flexible discount system
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