Health and Safety Protocol: COVID-19 and Hygiene Measures for 2023/2024

Our Health and Safery Protocol


  1. As we continue to navigate the challenges posed by COVID-19, our Remedial Massage Practice is committed to providing a safe and hygienic environment for our clients and staff. The following health and safety protocols for 2023 are designed to ensure the utmost care and cleanliness in our therapy rooms and the wider facility.

    Appointment Scheduling and Room Cleaning

    • Gap Between Appointments: We have implemented a minimum 15-minute gap between appointments. This time is dedicated to the enhanced cleaning and sanitization of the therapy room.
    • Thorough Room Sanitization: Each therapy room will undergo a comprehensive cleaning process, including disinfection of the massage bed, card reader, tables, door handles, chairs, consultation form boards, and other equipment with over 90% surgical spirit.
    • Floor Cleaning: After each treatment, the floor will be thoroughly mopped and cleaned to maintain hygiene standards.

    Air Quality and Ventilation

    • Air Conditioning System: Our air conditioning systems are equipped with new, improved filters that help purify the air more effectively.
    • Regular Air Circulation: To ensure continuous air ventilation and a comfortable temperature, our staff will regularly switch the air conditioning between cool and hot modes.

    Personal Hygiene and Equipment Sanitization

    • Massage Oils: Every bottle of massage oil is wrapped in paper and cleaned with 90% spirit after each appointment.
    • Common Area Cleaning: The common areas of the Light Centre will undergo regular deep cleaning to maintain high standards of hygiene.
    • Sanitization of Equipment: Enhanced disinfection protocols are in place for all equipment and surfaces, using more than 90% surgical spirit.

    Social Distancing and Safety Measures

    • Waiting Area: The waiting area at the Light Centre will enforce social distancing rules, with floor markings to guide clients.
    • Temperature Checks: A wall-mounted temperature check device will be used for everyone upon arrival at the Light Centre.
    • Hand Sanitiser: Hand sanitiser will be provided at the reception for use by clients and staff.

    Continuous Monitoring and Adaptation

    • Regular Review: These protocols will be regularly reviewed and adapted as necessary to align with the latest health guidelines and best practices.
    • Commitment to Safety: Our commitment to the health and safety of our clients and staff remains our top priority as we adapt to the evolving situation.

    By adhering to these protocols, we aim to provide a safe and comfortable experience for all our clients while maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene.