Postural massage in London

Postural Massage Technique is a specialized form of massage therapy that focuses on addressing postural imbalances and musculoskeletal issues. It involves a combination of skilled hands-on techniques and postural assessment to identify and correct postural deviations and alignment problems within the body.

During a Postural Massage session, the therapist carefully assesses the client’s posture and movement patterns to determine areas of tension, tightness, or weakness. Based on the assessment, the therapist tailors the massage to target specific muscle groups and fascial lines that may be contributing to poor posture.

The massage techniques used in Postural Massage typically include:

  1. Myofascial Release

  2. Trigger Point Therapy

  3. Stretching: Passive and active stretching techniques 

  4. Muscle Energy Techniques: 

  5. Soft Tissue Mobilization: 

The primary goal of the Postural Massage Technique is to bring the body back into proper alignment, reducing strain on muscles and joints, and promoting overall musculoskeletal balance. This can help alleviate chronic pain, improve flexibility, and enhance body awareness, ultimately leading to improved posture and better overall function.



  1. Posture Correction: Our technique focuses on identifying and correcting postural issues, helping you achieve better alignment, reducing strain on muscles, and enhancing overall posture.

  2. Pain Relief: By targeting specific areas of discomfort, our Postural Massage Technique releases muscle tension, eases chronic pain, and provides relief from aches caused by poor posture.

  3. Enhanced Flexibility: As your muscles and fascia are carefully worked on, you’ll notice improved flexibility and increased range of motion, allowing you to move with greater freedom.

  4. Stress Reduction: Relaxation is an integral part of our approach, promoting mental and physical well-being, reducing stress, and inducing a sense of deep relaxation.

  5. Improved Body Awareness: Through our skilled therapists’ guidance, you’ll gain a heightened awareness of your body, learning how to maintain better posture in your daily activities.

  6. Injury Prevention: Regular sessions can help prevent injuries by addressing imbalances and asymmetries that may lead to strains or discomfort during physical activities.

  7. Boosted Energy: Experience a renewed sense of vitality as the Postural Massage Technique helps to improve blood circulation and energy flow throughout your body.

pressure used: moderate -firm