Different techniques, One price

Monument | Marylebone

45 min session

  • Great for back, neck and shoulders massage
  • Treatment for one-two areas (back, neck, lower back, leg etc)

90 min session

  • Ideal for providing in-depth treatment to all areas of the body.
  • Ideal for lymphatic drainage or ayurvedic massages
  • Usually include abdominal, feet, head massage

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How to buy gift voucher?
- step by step instruction -

1. Click on the button "buy our gift voucher"

2. Enter the value of the voucher. For instance £100, more or less . It could be redeemed partly or completely later on

2a.or choose the pre-settled value. For instance for 60 min session, it ill be £85

3.Choose where you would like it to be sent to

4. Enter recipient name, your message and your name

5. Enter your details

5. Enter a card details and pay

6. Done! You have your voucher code and you can print a hard copy if you want. You will also receive the invoice to your email.

That is how your gift voucher will look like

7. The voucher can be redeemed online as a discount or to cover all treatment price (depending on what you chose at step 2:)