What is remedial massage?

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Remedial massage is a type of therapeutic massage therapy that aimed at treating the cause of musculoskeletal dysfunctions, not just providing pain relief. Usually, pain is just a result of dysfunctions or inflammation.

Remedial massage is special soft and deep tissue manipulations that affect not only muscles but also ligaments, fascia and restore their robust functionality and nutrition.

This kind of massage therapy can be beneficial for preventing sports injuries and holding your muscles in right and healthy condition.

What conditions can be treated with a remedial massage?

upper and lower back muscles stiffness

acute and dull back pain

sciatica (sciatic nerve inflammation), ischialgia

sports injuries

chronic pain

headaches and stress

delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS)

trigger points

fibromyalgia ​

joint stiffness


The main benefits of remedial massage

The remedial massage therapy has many great health benefits for not only your physical health but for your emotional well-being as well. You can find below 5 benefits that might be the most important:

1. Releasing muscle tension and pain.
This kind of massage therapy can treat and prevent many back and joints problem, which often produces tension in your muscles and stiffness in your joints. Therapeutic massage manipulation would relieve the soreness and improve joints flexibility as well as a range of motions by applying correct pressure on the affected areas.

2. Improving posture
Bad posture, rounded shoulders, humpback might all be a result of tight or weak muscles. Remedial massage can relieve not only tension but also enhance the tone and functionality of affected areas. After only one session, you might notice some improvement in your posture and relized tension.

3. Immunity boosting
Massage increases circulation and has lymphatic drainage by providing a boost to the immune system.