I have a problem with a shoulder again (frozen shoulder) and it's painful most of the time, limiting my motion and exercise. Sergii did a fantastic job. Finally - after many weeks- I have almost no pain again. Definitely returning for more.

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The best massage ever! Super professional! Back and neck pain gone! Highly recommend Sergii.

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Sergii is the best massage therapist on Earth! He is hard-working, attentive and knowledgeable. Even after a couple of sessions my body feels so much better - more free, relaxed, and happy! I'm almost afraid to praise him here so much as it will soon be impossible to book a massage with him, but he absolutely deserves every word of it! Thank you Sergii!

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Sergii is just incredible at what he does



Very professional and knowledgable. Highly recommend!



A truly exceptional massage from an excellent therapist. As a long time repeat customer, I would recommend Sergii as consistently professional and extremely skilled.



Great experience, Sergii took great care to attend to all my concerns and explained a lot of the process making it educational as well as therapeutic.



Always feel better after - which is why I keep going. If you want a massage to help with any issues, rather than a 'relax', Sergii's a go-to. Definitely recommend.



I had been having some problems with my right hip and my right knee. I explained the issues to Sergii and he immediately set out to ease my pain and discomfort. He worked quickly and efficiently to increase my mobility and destress the painful areas. After my one hour session I felt so much better, I could walk again without pain. The next day I felt even better and now I feel that the problem has been fully resolved. That said I intend to keep going regularly to make sure that I keep on top



For the last 4 months I have been visiting Sergii regularly. He is very skilled, thorough, efficient. He knows where to focus and assessing root causes. Best massage in London!



Sergii was fantastic. He assessed what techniques would be best on different areas of the body and was very knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend!



I highly recommend this place! I’m quite picky when it comes to a good massage and I left feeling new. Sergii is extremely professional, he knows what he is doing and he puts a great deal of effort in tailoring the massage to what you need. Definitely coming back for more soon 🙂 



A fantastic therapeutic massage, my problematic shoulder got the attention it needed (less pain on days following the massage) and so did my legs, recovering from initial 'post lockdown' gym sessions... Sergii paid attention to detail as always and provided a thorough massage. I'm back soon!



Could not be happier with my treatment, Sergii is very skilled and professional. Also now when it just has opened after lockdown it feels completely safe and 100% hygienic. Would leave 6 stars if I could.



This is was first ever massage and Sergii did an amazing job. I’ve already recommended him to friends and colleagues



My back was incredibly stiff and Sergii was able to make me feel so much better by the next day. He listened and was very thorough. Thank you.



Had had a stressful week at work so had a lot of tension in my upperback/lower neck area. Sergii sorted this out for me and by the following day the tension and pain had gone. Thanks Sergii



I'm a regular client who has had a massage with Sergii for years. He is by far one of the best massage therapists I know in London. I usually go to see him with a lower back ache however last week I saw him for a very painful knot in my right shoulder. He managed to massage it out and relieve the pain.He is also very good with relaxing massage and learning aromatherapy. It hurt but it was so good for the body. Also, he uses essential oils that smell just beautiful. He is all about good quality



I have had chronic pain in neck, shoulders and back for around 3-4 years. Although one massage cannot cure you instantly, I did feel 100% lighter and in less agony. I would return for future treatments and I highly recommend Sergii.



Been many times and always feels so much better after.



Fantastic deep tissue massage- this is my fourth massage with Sergii and he never fails to help release all the tensions & pains!! Thanks so much!



Sergii knew exactly what he was doing and found knots I didn’t even know existed. Felt a lot better afterwards and will definitely be back! Thanks so much Sergii!