What is remedial massage?

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Are you looking for a way to relax and rejuvenate your body? Remedial massage may be the perfect solution. This type of massage is designed to treat specific areas of tension in the body, providing relaxation and healing benefits. In this blog post, we’ll explore everything you need to know about remedial massage – from what it is and how it differs from other types of massages, to its many health benefits.


What Is Remedial Massage?

Remedial massage therapy involves applying pressure on certain points in your body with specialised techniques such as kneading or tapping.

It’s used by qualified therapists who are trained specifically in this technique; they use their hands (or sometimes tools) to manipulate muscles that have become tense due to stress or injury.

The goal is not only relaxation but also rehabilitation – helping relieve pain while increasing range-of-motion through improved circulation within the soft tissue structures like tendons, ligaments, fascia etc..

By targeting these areas with precision strokes that penetrate deep into muscle fibres remedial masseurs can reduce inflammation which often leads towards better mobility & flexibility as well as reduced discomfort & pain levels associated with various conditions including tendonitis/tendinosis/tendinopathy, sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome etc…

 How Does It Differ From Other Types Of Massage? 

Unlike Swedish or aromatherapy massages which focus primarily on promoting general well-being through relaxation; remediation focuses more specifically on treating particular musculoskeletal issues such as backache neck stiffness shoulder tightness joint problems sprains strains spasms headaches etc… As mentioned above they employ specialised techniques involving manipulation at deeper layers than most conventional methods allowing greater access into problem spots so that underlying causes can be addressed rather than just masking symptoms temporarily.It’s usually recommended when someone has suffered an injury either acute(recent) or chronic (long-standing). That being said even those without any medical condition could benefit greatly from regular sessions if their lifestyle demands them to! 

 What Are The Benefits Of Remedial Massage Therapy?                               

Remedial massage therapy is a healing modality that has been used for centuries to treat a variety of ailments. It involves the application of pressure, stretching and manipulation to specific areas on the body in order to promote relaxation, reduce pain, improve circulation and help with injury recovery. In recent years this type of massage has become increasingly popular as people look for alternative forms of health care treatment that are both natural and effective. Here we will discuss some key benefits associated with remedial massage therapy:

1) Pain Relief – Remedial Massage Therapy can be very effective in reducing chronic or acute muscle pain by improving blood flow throughout your body which helps release tension from tight muscles. This type of therapy also works well when combined with other treatments such as heat packs or ultrasound applications which further increase relaxation levels within your muscles allowing you greater relief from discomfort caused by muscular aches or strains.

2) Improved Mobility – By loosening up tight knots within your muscle fibres it allows them more flexibility resulting in improved mobility overall; so if you’re suffering from stiff joints then remedial massages could be just what you need! The increased range of motion gained through regular sessions can make everyday activities much easier than before while helping prevent future injuries due to overexertion during exercise routines etc…

3) Stress Reduction – Not only does this form of therapeutic touch provide physical relief but it also helps promote mental well-being too! As stress hormone levels decrease thanks to an increased sense of calmness brought about through slow movements applied directly onto tense areas, headaches vanish alongside feelings of anxiety & depression making day-to-day life far more manageable going forward.

4) Injury Recovery – Whether it is sporting-related trauma, car accidents or any other kind of traumatic event; receiving professional hands-on attention via Remedial Massage Therapy speeds up healing times significantly! Through techniques like trigger point releases & myofascial stretches, inflammation decreases enabling quicker rehabilitation periods leading back to full fitness once again…

All these points considered there’s no doubt why many individuals around the world have started turning towards non-invasive therapies like this one


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