Why massage is painful sometimes?

One of the most common questions is why their massage can be painful.

After all, shouldn’t a massage feel good? The answer to this question depends on several factors and it’s an important moment in communication between a client and a therapist.

The truth is that some pain during a massage can be beneficial and necessary in order for the therapist to work out knots and tension within your muscles.

This type of “good pain” should not last more than a few seconds at any given time while the area being worked on begins to relax – if you experience prolonged discomfort or sharp pains then please let your therapist know immediately so they can adjust accordingly.

Good communication between client and therapist helps ensure an effective treatment plan tailored specifically around each individual’s needs!

That said, there are times when pain may indicate something else entirely such as inflammation or injury which require further investigation by both yourself (your GP) as well as your massage therapist before continuing with treatment – again open communication will help make sure you get the best possible outcome from every session!

In conclusion, it is important  to remember that some level of discomfort during a therapeutic massage session may occur but should never become unbearable nor last longer than expected; if either happens then please speak up so adjustments can be made right away in order for you get the maximum benefit from each visit!

Enjoy your treatment! 🙂

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